Honda Transalp Service Manual

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New manual has been added to download section. This is must have reading. Basically everything you need for any repair, from minor to rebuild, is here. Visit our download page and take a look at “Honda Transalp Service Manual“.

17 Comments to “Honda Transalp Service Manual”


    • You are welcome! Please let me know if you would like to have forum on the website. My plan is to build Transalp community, if there is enough people interested, so we can start sharing information.

      • Count me in when you have the forum community started…..

  • dobra ideja.pozdrav rne

    • Hvala 😉

  • Hi all. I would welcome such a comunity, Translap is already a brand:)

  • I have a 1989 Transalp and I need a manual for it. I am trying to download the manual but I am always brought back to the comments. I don’t want comments I want the manual. How do I download it?


    • Sorry to hear that Tim. I just checked and everything is working fine. What file you were trying to download?

  • Hi friend! I just happened to see your website after long trouble with my transalp and i have downloaded the manual.I hope i will find answers as I love my bike and some mechanic messed withed the fuel system.Maybe you can give me additonal tips.The problem is that when I put in new spark plugs within five minites of cruising at speed of between 100 and120kph the plugs just start dying down , giving misfires and offcoarse higher fuel consumption.What could be the troubleshooting problem? Thanks.Bye.

    • Hello, i dont know, if i understand your problem properly, but my friend had a similar problem on his Africa, and a reason was chock. He puled it and it has stocked, even when hi turned it off, because something was rusted on a carborator…don t remember exactly, but check it.

  • Hi! Very useful site! Thans!

    • Thanks, I hope I will have forum done soon.

  • Thanx

  • Hey Nicola, many thanks for posting these manuals. They were very helpful for a non-techie such as myself, and no other site offered this type of information. Well done, and my compliments, the site looks great as well!

  • Thank You so much for the manuals! Just got 1989 Transalp and this is exactly what I needed to start tinkering on it. Love the bike and I want to know how to keep it in top notch running shape.

  • how do i drain crankcase breather on my XL700VA

  • hi went to fit the front sprocket plate on my transalpe stil loose ?

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