Transalp Decals Set

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Hey guys, I created decals set which you can download from, you guessed it, download section :) File is in Corel format so you will need Corel to open and print. It is already optimized for cutter.


5 Comments to “Transalp Decals Set”

  • hello, what can i do to download the decals ?

    • Hi, just download file and then you can use software like Corel Draw to open them but basically there is no need to edit these files. You should bring them to print shop where they have cutter. Cutter would open these files and cut 3M self adhesive foil which you can then put on your bike.

  • Hi guys

    I had a big off on my TA recently and want to repair the damages, does anyone know where I can download the sticker decal design for a 2008 TA XL700V.



  • can you tell me how to empty water out of crank case breather on my transalp 700

  • Hi,

    Do you have an idea where can I find decals for the >2008 model?



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