Hey Transalpers!

Thanks for visiting this website. My name is Nicola, I live in Europe, and I’m proud owner of 1988 Honda Transalp.

I spent a lot of time since 2005, when I bought my bike, searching for any information regarding Transalp maintenance. I learned first hand how difficult experience that was because valid information is hard to find and every info is important, especially when you own 1988 model like me.

After I exhausted all resources I finally had enough knowledge and documentation to rebuild the engine and do some other minor repairs. That was the moment when idea for this website was born. I decided to share with other riders all information I got, save them time, hopping that this website will help someone else too.

If you have comments, suggestions for new features or files you would like to share with other Transalp owners, please feel free to contact me.

If you have found this website useful please consider donating. Even a small amount would help me a lot to pay for hosting, and keep me going with updates and improvements. Donation link can be found in sidebar.

Thanks for visiting,