I remember when I searched for online help for my Transalp for a first time… there was none… Idea for this page, which should help other fellow Transalpers, was born on the same day.

If you have document you think would be beneficial to other visitors, and you would like to share it, kindly contact me and I will host and share file on this page.

Note: Hard-linking is disabled! Please visit this page if you would like to download files.

Honda Transalp Service Manual

This is complete service manual for older Transalp models, with engines having carburetor, but majority of information from this manual can be applied to newer bikes too.

Honda Common Service Manual

This is similar to “Honda Transalp Service Manual” but covers more Honda motorcycle models and has only general service information. This manual is 1988 edition, thus don’t expect to find information for your brand new bike inside. Still this can be very beneficial sometimes.

Decals Set

I made these decals in Corel and used them when I had paint job done on my bike. File is already optimized for cutter so just load it and you will have new decals in no time. For cutting decals I recommend 3M products. You can use this file if you just want to print logos on your printer too, but you will need Corel to open.

Haynes Honda Transalp XL600 – 650V and Africa Twin XRV750 / Models 1987-2002 Service Repair Manual

Probably most popular service repair manual you can find. This is definitely must have Item!